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Football Pool Features

New Pool Features

Configure Your Pool For Automatic Spread Updates
Pools with spreads can now receive automated spread updates. There is a setting in your pool profile called "Automatically Update Point Spreads" which needs to be checked in order to receive the syetem updates. This setting is enabled by default for both new and old pools, so make sure to turn off this setting if you do not want you pool's spreads automatically updated. NOTES: Spreads will typically be entered into the system on Tuesdays but the date may fluctuate based on when spreads are released. Once the system spreads are entered they will not be modified again that week. You will still have the option to manually update your pool's spreads after they have been updated by the system..
Partial Pick Submission
Users can now submit incomplete pick sheets. On the 'Enter/Edit Picks' module a check box labeled 'Allow partial picks' has been added, which when checked will allow the user to enter picks that are incomplete. There were many requests for this feature because users wanted the ability to submit picks for the early games only. Keep in mind that your users are considered 'registered' for the week, so if they do not complete their pick sheet they will miss all of the games they did not pick.
Late Pick Submissions
Users can now submit or change their picks after the week starts. Pool admins can set their picks deadline to a date and time after the week starts, and the system will allow users to enter or change their picks. Obviously, the system will not allow your users to modify or enter picks for games that have already started. For instance, if there is a Thursday game, you can make your picks deadline to be the time the games start on Sunday. This will allow your users to enter or change their picks before the Sunday games, but they will not be able to change or enter a pick for the Thursday game. Also note that the spreadsheet showing everyone's picks will not be available until your pick deadline has expired. If you are running a confidence pool, users that are late will not be able to choose the highest confidence ranking or rankings.

Supported Football Pool Formats

Straight Pickem Football Pools

Pick the winners of each game. Click here for the complete rules.

Confidence Football Pools

Pick the winners of each game and assign a unique confidence rating to each game. Click here for the complete rules.

Pickem Football Pool with Point Spreads

Pick the winners of each game according to the point spread. Click here for the complete rules.

Confidence Football Pool with Point Spreads

Pick the winners of each game according to the point spread and assign a unique confidence rating to each game. Click here for the complete rules.

Playoff Football Pool

Included free with your football pool. Your users make their picks each week of the playoffs. Total points earned for the entire playoffs are shown in a 'Playoff Summary' page.
Season Standing Summaries
Throughout the season your users will be able to see how they stack up to other office pool participants. Pool admins have the option of disqualifying players that have missed any number of weeks.
Football Pool Branding and Custom Logo
Pool admins can upload their own logo to the website and it will be shown in place of the normal "Football Frenzy Online" logo. Your users will never know that you are using a third party site to host your football pool!!
Aliases for Your Football Pool Participants
The pool admins have the ability to enable the use of player aliases. This allows the players to use an alias for the pick sheets, season standings summaries, and message boards instead of their real names.
Football Pool Administrator Functions
Pool admins have the ability to "auto unlock" users who have just joined their pool. When this option is set, new users will be able to log into your pool immediately after registering. If this option is not set, you will need to manually unlock the new user's account using the "Manage Users" module.
The pool admin now has the ability to email only the effected user when making changes to picks or submitting picks for a user.
Free User Licenses
You get 10 free licenses with your free football pool. That's for the entire regular season and playoffs. You can buy more if you need them.
Fast Score Updates
Football pool results are automatically updated on a 5 minute interval.
Office Pool Administrator Functions
Pool admins can assign point values (multipliers) to individual games.
Pool admins can submit and change picks for all users in their football pools before or after the picks deadline.
Pool admins can change the weekly pick totals for their players. This change will NOT be reflected in the weekly results spreadsheets, but it will affect the season end summary results. This will aid pool admins with custom rules for players not submitting picks and pools that start using this web site after the season has started.
Pool admins can change the email addresses of the players in your pool.
Pool admins can assign administrator access to anybody in their football pools.
Pool admins can remove any game (except the tiebreaker game) from the week. Transaction report includes which pool admin made a transaction.
Pool admins can change their pool's name.
Automated Email Invitation System
This feature is key to getting participants to register for your football pool. E-mail invitations are generated to invite users to come play in your football pool. They in turn use a link in the e-mail to register, and once they do, the pool admin will be sent a notice that the user registered. The pool admin, then unlocks the user account so that the new user can log into the football pool.
Integrated Email Correspondence System
This system allows you to easily generate e-mails to your football pool participants using various scenarios. For instance, you can generate e-mail reminders to participants in your football pool whom have not entered picks yet.
E-mail correspondence is automatically generated when the pool admin makes changes to a users account (for instance, changes to the user's balance).
User Manager (Track/Manage user balances)
A user's balance is modified when picks are entered (or removed). You also have the ability to modify user balances with the User Manager interface.
Football Pool Message Board
A good place for pool collaboration (or trash talking). Just try to keep it clean!
Advertisement Removal
Purchasing user licenses for your office pool will remove the advertisements from your entire football pool for the entire year.
For a $2.00 donation your advertisements are removed from your profile for the entire year.
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