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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of football pools do you offer?

We have the most popular football pool formats including straight pick'em pools, confidence rating pools, pick'em with point spread pools, and pick'em with point spread and confidence rating pools.

How much does it cost to create a football pool?

It's free to create a football pool and your first 10 user licenses are free. If you need more user licenses for your football pool, they can be purchased through PayPal. User licenses are very inexpensive and you can buy any number of licenses at any time. Click HERE for the user license calculator. One user license is good for one person for the entire season, including playoffs. If your football pool has 10 users or less, then your football pool is absolutely free.

Does this web site keep track of season point totals?

Yes. Each week participant points are calculated and a running total is kept. There is a report that everyone in your football pool can see with the season point summary. There are also various options available that allow the pool admin to disqualify participants from the list, whom have not submitted picks for the qualifying number of weeks. There is another option available which allows you to specify how many points a participant will receive when they don't submit picks for the week.

Some pools allow participants to submit multiple pick sheets. Can I submit multiple pick sheets per account?

No. You must create an account for each pick sheet you want to submit. You can have multiple accounts with the same email address.

What is your privacy policy statement?

We hold your information with the utmost privacy and will never sell or give your information to third parties. Every year before the NFL football season starts, we will send out one reminder e-mail to anyone whom has registered with this site. This e-mail will give you the option to 'unsubscribe' from the mailing list.

There are other web sites that offer the same service. Why should I choose Football Frenzy Online?

Football Frenzy Online allows you to create a football pool with 10 user licenses for free. Other sites want you to pay up front or give you a trial period. This site allows you to try before you buy, but if you don't require more user licenses then it is free for the whole year (playoffs included).
This web site has been designed to be ultra fast and ultra easy to use. Many other football pool sites use lots of useless animimation and graphics which confuse your users and bog down your internet connection. We use the latest in database and programming technology to assure that your experience is fast and a pleasant user experience.
Customer service!! If you encounter a bug with the system, we are diligent in fixing the problem. We understand that when you rely on a system, it is imperitive that it works correctly. We are committed to delivering and maintaining a high class web site experience.
Your football pool is kept private. This site requires all of your football pool participants to log in so unauthorized users cannot get into your football pool and look at your data.
We're positive that once you use this web site to run your football pool, you will never use anything else.

Where did this site come from???

This web site is maintained by KC Computer Pros. We are a full service software consulting service that have worked with such companies as HP, SMG, VML, Black & Veatch, and Craig Safety Technologies. This website began as a hobby and over time it has turned into one of the leading football pool managers on the web today. Thanks for checking it out!!
This website is intended for entertainment purposes only. Using this website for gambling purposes is strictly prohibited.
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