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Congratulations! Your office pool just got easier to manage.


  • Straight Pickem Football Pool:

    Your office pool participants pick who is going to win each game. [see rules]
  • Pickem Football Pool Against the Spread:

    Your players pick who is going to win each game against a spread. [see rules]
  • Confidence Football Pool:

    Your players pick who is going to win each game and enter a unique ranking based on how confident they are. [see rules]
  • Confidence Football Pool Aganist the Spread:

    Your players pick who is going to win each game against a spread and enter a unique ranking based on how confident they are. [see rules]
  • Playoff Football Pool:

    It works the same as the regular season and is included for free with your football pool.
  • An office pool for 10 people is free!! Click here to create your office pool now.


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News, Updates, and Random Thoughts
06/10/2024 12:57 AM

2024 Season is Ready

The schedules are loaded.  Good luck to everybody!

07/09/2022 05:57 AM

2022 Season is Ready!!

Welcome back to the easiest to use and fastest football pool website on the internet.  You still get 10 user licenses for free.

07/21/2021 12:05 AM

2021 season is ready to roll...

The schedules are entered!!  Please take note of the rules for re-scheduled games shown on the website's home page.  Covid didn't stop this site from running smoothly last year, and I'm confident we are only looking up from here.  Take care, everybody, and good luck in your pools!!

08/27/2019 11:22 PM

2019 Season is Ready!!

It's not too late to create your football pool.  Be the hero of your office and create your pool today!  You get 10 users for free.  Enjoy!

07/26/2018 12:17 AM

2018 Season is Ready!!

The football pool is ready to roll.  You still get 1,000 free users for your pools.


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